NATIVO #2 - Guna Yala & Education

The 2nd episode of the NATIVO Documentary talks about education in the San Blas archipelago, Panama, where the indigenous community of Guna Yala is resiliently standing against monoculturalism and homogeneity.

The Guna schools are trying to preserve a strong and yet fragile cultural and linguistic heritage.

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NATIVO #1 - Guna Yala & Climate Change

The 1st Episode of the NATIVO Documentary brings us to the San Blas archipelago in Panama.

Guna Yala is a peaceful community where agriculture, fishing and tourism coexist. The inhabited island where the Guna live are being impacted by serious issues that are undermining their way of living.

The Guna have been witnessing the increase in the sea level and have been trying to contrast the phenomenon with the resources at their disposal, with catastrophic effects.

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Will modern zoos save wild animals from extinction?

It is calculated that more than 8 million animal species live on our planet, and it has been predicted that as many as 3 million could disappear by the end of this century.

Loss of habitat, climate change and illegal trade are the most common causes of extinction.

Zoos could soon become our last chance to preserve the remaining animals from extinction, however at the moment they play host to a limited selection of the species present on our planet.

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The Tsukiji fish market.

Tsukiji fish market has over the years become more than just a market - seafoods have long played a starring role throughout Japan's meals.

It has become an iconic, cultural landmark.The iconic fish market in Tokyo is about to move to a new location, but not everything will get lost on the way.


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