There is no cloth or paper backdrops. No white studios or artificial sets. No forced poses.
In our sessions there will be no script or rigid plans.
Dogs belong in the natural world. In the world they live everyday. Where they can play, jump and run. Where they can be dogs.



LOCATION. You are free to choose the location you love the most. It can be your living room, your garden, a park.
START & DURATION. Your photoshoot will start at a time we agree and can last 1 hour or 1 hour and half.
SUBJECT. Your dog, of course. The photoshoot aims at capturing the true character of your dog through fine portraits, through photos of you together, and action photos of your dog having fun (jumping, running, chasing balls).
DELIVERY. Depending on your selection, I will deliver a number of digital images in full resolution for you to keep and print. If you are willing to have me print the images, we can talk about that too. The images presented will be around 30, of which you can choose a final number based on your booking.
FAMILY. Of course, family photographs are very popular and I love capturing the relationship between you or children and their best friend.
HEALTH. Our friends get older as much as we do, and their health can deteriorate. This is no problem at all. I would like to know everything about possible health conditions so that I can ensure that your dog has a wonderful time and I can capture the images that you want.
WEATHER. If the chosen location for the shooting is outdoor, we will have to have faith in the weather conditions. As we cannot control them, I will contact you the day before the shooting and consider the weather forecast. If it's not going to look great, we will postpone the shooting according to availabilities.



1 hour session, 2 final digital portraits  €50
1 hour session, 4 final digital portraits €80
1,5 hours session, 6 final digital portraits €100

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